How to cook the slow cooker pork loaf in 10 minutes

LONDON — The slow cooker is no longer the king of the slow cookers.It has become a tool for cooking a wide range of ingredients in less time and for smaller, less expensive meals.As long as you have the right tools, you can make great food in the slow pot.And that’s a good thing, experts […] →Read more

Why we’re finally learning to love the ‘chef’ in ‘Chef: The New Adventures of Bob and Joanna’

When Bob and Joan were on the set of the new HBO show Chef: The Old Cooks Cookbook, the first episode focused on a couple whose kitchen is just as old as the city.When the couple went into their kitchen for the first time, the chef told them to use only the ingredients they had […] →Read more

How Clay Pot Cooks Are Saving Lives and Creating Jobs Through Food Empowerment

Clay pot cooking is a sustainable food movement that has taken root across the nation and is gaining momentum nationally.It’s a great opportunity for you to help Clay Pot cook and make a difference in the lives of the people of Clay County, North Carolina.Clay Pot is a food system based on the principle that […] →Read more

How to make slow cooker pork loaf and brisket (with step by step photos)

Slow cooker pork bread is the perfect meat loaf, and it’s delicious as a side dish or as a main course.A great way to use up leftover pork loins is to cook them up, but I think the best way to do this is with the slow cooker.Here’s how to make it. Read more →Read more

How to cook your own food without the fuss

I know this may sound like a recipe for a restaurant, but it’s not.I’ve been cooking food for nearly 20 years, and this is my absolute favorite thing I’ve ever done.When you cook, you’re essentially cooking something that has already been prepared and put into the oven, and then you can eat it with the […] →Read more

‘You’re Going To Be Sick’: This Is How You Should React To The Trump Administration

The following article was published in the Guardian on Tuesday, November 29, 2018.“You’re going to be sick” is one of the more common and common reactions from people to the Trump administration, but the truth is that this sentiment is often used to dismiss the president’s actions and his policies.Trump’s most significant legislative accomplishment, the […] →Read more

When you’re a cook, you can make your own ham recipe

It’s a new trend in cooking, and for good reason: A ham roast has been in the oven for about 200 years.In fact, it’s so old that it’s a part of the food pantry and is even on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s list of foods to avoid.But there’s one small problem: The recipe that […] →Read more

How to make Thanksgiving dinner at home: A Thanksgiving turkey cook’s recipe

Sam the Cooking Guy is on vacation in Hawaii, but the NFL has a Thanksgiving dinner he’ll never forget.Sam, a former NFL reporter for CBS Sports, is the first-ever author of a new book, “Sam the Cooking Guys Thanksgiving Dinner: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Thanksgiving Dinner at Home,” which will be published by […] →Read more

How to make the perfect turkey breast

If you’re a fan of cooking your own turkey, you’ll love this pressure cooker recipe that’s perfect for when you want to make it for your family.Read moreRead moreFirst things first, let’s get the turkey out of the oven.I like to make a few batches to make sure it’s all done and ready for the […] →Read more

The Cuckoo Cooker is the new home of the Cuckoos

By Sam Woodrow and Kate KellyThe Cuckoolooker is a new home for the Cucks, and is designed to help families in the area who want to get a bit more creative with their Christmas dinner.The kitchen has been designed by architect and furniture designer Paul Wylie and is set to be opened by December.The Cucks […] →Read more