How to cook a double burger

One of the most popular and beloved dishes in the restaurant world is the double burger.But for those of us who are still struggling with the idea of trying to eat a double cheeseburger, a new burger recipe may help.It is a double, triple cheeseburgers recipe.This recipe was shared by the restaurant chain Burger King […] →Read more

How to cook a perfect meal in just a few minutes

A new game from the makers of Cook’s Illustrated is a culinary simulator where you can cook with ease.The game is available for free in Apple and Android apps, and has a few features not found in the original Cook’s Handbook.Here’s how to get started.Read More is available in both English and French, and it […] →Read more

Duck roast: Slow-cooker recipe for a duck

The Duck roast slow-cookers are an instant classic that can be made in a single week and can be prepared with the basics.We’ve compiled a quick recipe that you can whip up in just five minutes. →Read more

How to make a slow cooker corning beef

The slow cooker is a dish that’s been around for decades.It’s been the most popular thing to cook and serves as a quick and easy way to make corned-beef in a slow-cooker.The slow-roasted beef, which is a type of beef that’s marinated in vinegar and spices, is simmered in a sweet tomato sauce for a […] →Read more

How to cook a slow cooker chicken tenderloins

Slow cooker chicken is a staple in many families, but how do you make it without using all of your chicken stock?Learn how to make your own chicken tenderlooins from scratch, with the help of this video! →Read more

How to cook a slow cooker short rib

It’s an easy recipe to make, but the best way to get your hands on one is to cook it on a slow cooker. I’ll explain how to do that in this video.As always, if you have any questions or comments, please share them in the comments.  →Read more

How to make rice cakes in your oven

When it comes to cooking rice cakes, you can’t do much without the help of a pest control device, a pot, a roasting pan or even a rice cooker.In fact, most rice cakes you make require a rice baking tray, which is just a big pan filled with rice.The easiest way to make a rice […] →Read more

Which cooking simulator is the best?

A new virtual reality cooking simulator has been launched by Preston Cook County Hospital in the UK.The virtual reality simulates real life cooking, and can be used for training and demonstration.The simulator was developed by Preston’s VR Lab and uses virtual reality headsets to show cooking demonstrations in the hospital.In the simulation, you’re shown the […] →Read more

How to tell if a kid is a nerd, according to the J-pop brothers – episode 6

Jared Cook, Jared’s younger brother, is famous for his cartoonist father.In the last few years, Jared has published a number of comic strips in his dad’s name, as well as the now-famous ‘I am not a geek’ book.He recently spoke to MTV News about how he identifies as a geek, and why he doesn’t like […] →Read more

David Cook says ‘it was all good’ as Cowboys’ playoff hopes fade

Dallas Cowboys quarterback David Cook said Sunday he believes the playoff picture for the Cowboys “will get better” in the coming weeks, and he said he “wanted to play” the NFC West on Sunday.Cook, who started Sunday’s loss to the Chicago Bears with a knee injury, said he has “no regrets” about the play he […] →Read more