8 new and amazing food things you might want to try this Thanksgiving, November 11th

I know I’m going to be busy this Thanksgiving.

I’m not the only one.

If you’ve ever spent Thanksgiving with friends, you know how busy Thanksgiving can be.

But, there are a lot of food things I love doing on Thanksgiving and they can be done without having to make an effort to cook them.

Here are 8 things you can do without ever having to cook any of these Thanksgiving recipes, which is really pretty awesome.1. 

Black bean casserole recipe You’ll find a black bean caster on most Thanksgiving tables and it’s one of the most popular Thanksgiving dishes.

It’s a creamy and flavorful stew made with black beans, potatoes, onions, carrots, and celery.

This casseroles is great on the table and it makes for a great dinner party or dinner at home.


Cheesy Chicken Recipe Cheesy chicken is one of my favorite Thanksgiving dinners.

Chicken is a staple at Thanksgiving dinners, and this recipe for cheesy chicken will make your holiday dinner even better.


Easy Thanksgiving Chili Recipe This recipe for easy Thanksgiving chili is a great choice for a family dinner.

Easy turkey chili is one that everyone can enjoy and is very easy to make.

This recipe is a quick and easy Thanksgiving recipe that can be served in a large pot or a slow cooker.4. 

Oatmeal Stuffed Potato recipe Oatmeal stuffed potatoes make a perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

The filling is sweet, crunchy, and moist.


Stuffed Pumpkin Recipe If stuffing pumpkin is your thing, you’re in luck!

This Thanksgiving stuffing recipe is the perfect treat for those who love stuffing.

This stuffing recipe will make a great Thanksgiving dinner or dinner party.


Eggless Baked Turkey recipe Eggfree baked turkey is a favorite of mine.

The eggless baked turkey recipe is an easy Thanksgiving meal that you can make on your own and have for dinner the next day.


Muffin Recipe This muffin recipe is another one that can make an easy and delicious Thanksgiving dinner on your holiday table. 

It’s a classic classic recipe with a twist. 

You’ll need to bake the muffins for an hour and a half and then microwave them for an additional 30 minutes. 


Mini Black Bean Casserole recipe This recipe is easy to follow and it will be a hit on Thanksgiving.

It has no added fat and it is a rich, creamy casserola filled with potatoes, vegetables, and a dollop of cheese.


Pesto Mushroom Soup RecipeThis recipe comes together in just 15 minutes and is a perfect way to use up some of the leftovers from your Thanksgiving dinner party, especially when it comes to stuffing.

It will make an amazing filling for your Thanksgiving table or dinner. 


Tater Tots Recipe You can use leftover potatoes, carrots and celeriacs for this recipe.

This tater tot recipe is so easy and healthy that it will keep in the freezer for a week. 


Vegetable Soup Recipe The perfect Thanksgiving soup is the same soup that you get at a restaurant.

This vegetable soup is packed with flavor and is so versatile and easy to serve. 


Cucumber-based Thanksgiving Turkey recipeThis turkey is very versatile and can be used as a soup, a salad, or a main dish.

The cucumber-themed Thanksgiving Turkey is an amazing option for a meal that will be perfect for a holiday dinner.

It makes an amazing side dish or dessert for a dinner party for those with small children. 


Beef and Onion Soup Recipe Beef stew is a traditional Thanksgiving dish, but it can be made with other ingredients, too.

This beef and onion soup is one easy Thanksgiving dinner that you don’t have to make a lot. 


Roasted Turkey and Peanut Butter Recipe Roasting the turkey and peanut butter is a Thanksgiving favorite.

This roast turkey and peanut butter recipe is perfect for anyone who loves roasted turkey.

This is a meal for anyone and everyone.15. 

Sweet Potato Pie recipe You know what’s great about sweet potatoes?

They are the perfect stuffing for this Thanksgiving dinner!

This sweet potato pie recipe is loaded with flavor, and is also easy to prepare.


Chicken Chili Recipe Chicken chili is also a great option for Thanksgiving.

This chili recipe is very flavorful and you can use the chicken as a filling for any dish.


Caramelized Onion Soup This caramelized onion soup recipe is one you can serve with almost any Thanksgiving dinner meal. 

This sweet onion soup will give your guests a special Thanksgiving treat.


White Bean Cassalole Recipe White bean caker is one the most favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

White beans