A new corned-beef restaurant opens in Ohio

A new restaurant in Ohio is going to make corned meat look like something you would find at a local meat shop.

It’s the new Corned Beef at the Cove.

The Corned Meat at the Cornthe Cove is open today.

The restaurant is located in the old Fort Wayne, Indiana, home of the Fort Wayne Coronavirus Centers. 

The restaurant has already opened at a restaurant on the corner of South Broad and South Broadway in Fort Wayne and is also being considered for another location. 

The Cornthes Cove is the second Cornthis Cove restaurant in the country to open. 

“The Cove is an incredible, original and iconic Ohio steakhouse that has become a culinary staple for many years,” said Jason Dolan, executive chef at the restaurant. 

A few years ago, Cornther Cove was on the list for the New York City’s Best Restaurant of the Year award, which went to the New York City-based Coronacast at 155 West 43rd Street. 

Coronacasts is known for serving corned meats like bacon, bacon, sausage, brisket, and chicken. 

 Cornthe’s Cove is located at 533 South Broad Avenue in Fort Bend County, Ohio. 

It’s open now and will be open until May 15. 

You can follow the restaurant on Facebook.