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  • How to cook pork tenderlle in less than 5 minutes

    The tenderloins of pork tenderls are one of the most iconic and beloved dishes in America.They are often served on their own as an appetizer, and are frequently served as an accompaniment to a steak, as a side dish or as a main course.Pork tenderloINs can also be eaten on their side.Pork ribs, pork tenderlices, […]

  • How to be a cook: The 5 biggest tips for staying relevant

    How do you stay relevant in your career and life?Well, that’s one of the biggest questions that every young cook has to face in their career and career transition.But for those of us who don’t have access to a professional network, there are some tips that you can use to help you stay current and […]

  • What to look for in a slow cooker pulled pig recipe

    Posted October 12, 2018 07:07:38 A few weeks ago I had a chance to make slow cooker pork and had some questions that I didn’t know about how to prepare it.I’m a seasoned pork cook and have been doing them for years, so I know what to look out for.So I set out to try […]

  • How a woman from Georgia became a national star on the radio

    It’s not the first time a Georgia woman has made the national news for her cooking skills.But a little more than a year ago, Kaitlyn Fagan came to the attention of the public as a cooking icon.Kaitlyn, who goes by the stage name Kait, began her career in the TV business in the 1990s.She became […]

  • How to build a turkey cook pot, pot lid, cooker,potstand

    Turkey cook pots, potslids, and potslides are a popular cooking technique in the US.Many people use a chicken or turkey pot to cook their ham.This technique is especially popular for cooking ham because it allows you to cook your ham without the risk of burning it.The technique is also used in many other parts of […]

  • How to slow cooker a pork loins

    Slow cooker pork is a very versatile and tasty meal.This slow cooker recipe will help you make a quick and delicious meal for all of your friends, family, and neighbors!Ingredients: 1 lb pork loiners – the tenderloin will hold up to 5-6 pounds of meat, depending on your recipe 1 Tbsp.olive oil (or more to […]

  • sam the cook guy says the internet is not his real home…

    Sam the cookguy is an avid user of the Reddit forum r/all.Sam has been posting his opinions about everything from movies and TV shows to sports and politics.Sam the cookboy is an ex-football player, and he was living with his father when he started posting.Now Sam is a regular on r/sports, where he posts daily, […]

  • What to make in slow cooker for a busy Thanksgiving dinner

    What to do in a slow cooker?The idea of making slow cooker recipes is a little different than for many of us, so I thought I’d share my slow cooker recipe ideas with you today.If you’re interested in learning more about the science behind slow cooker cooking, check out our article on cooking in a […]