Cook Islands cook islands: ‘This is not our home’

Cook Islands police arrested a man on Sunday in connection with an attack on a woman at a cook island.

The woman suffered injuries to her head and neck and was taken to a hospital in the north-west of the island.

She was treated for a head injury and minor injuries to the arms and legs.

Police said she was being treated in the same hospital as the alleged offender, who is in police custody.

The attack took place at Cook’s Beach on Sunday afternoon.

The man has been charged with aggravated assault and unlawful wounding.

The Cook Islands, which have about 100,000 people, are a low-lying archipelago with a population of around 8,000.

It was also one of the world’s worst-affected countries in 2014, when nearly two thirds of the population were affected by the virus.

Police have been investigating a possible motive in the attack.

A woman from the Cook Islands had been visiting a family on the island when she was attacked, police said.

A man who was a resident of Cook’s said he did not know who the man was, but said he knew the woman who was attacked.

“He said he was just a friend of hers,” he told AAP.

He said he believed the man would be in custody soon. “

We just had a very long chat, I was shocked that someone would come out of nowhere and take something away from us.”

He said he believed the man would be in custody soon.

Cook’s is a popular spot for tourists.

It is a short ferry ride from Auckland.

Cook Islands Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern thanked the police for their quick response and said they would continue to work with the government to find the perpetrators.

Police would investigate whether there was an active criminal investigation and the man has not been charged.

Auckland’s main ferry, Harbour View, had been suspended as a precaution after the attack, but was not impacted by the police investigation.

Police were also investigating a potential sexual assault in the Cooks Beach area, but the incident was not believed to be linked to the incident on Cook’s Island.


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