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  • How to roast a turkey in slow cooker without the hassle of stuffing it

    How to cook a turkey without stuffing it.The process is a bit tricky, but it’s very easy to do in a slow cooker.First, make sure your turkey is well cooked and tender.That means it’s cooked through and cooked all the way through.It’s not tender and not juicy.Next, sear the turkey on all sides.I find that […]

  • What to cook when it’s cold out on the lake

    When it’s a cold day in Turkey, most people have a stove that they can use to heat up their kitchen while they’re out.There are also a few simple recipes that you can do in the heat of the moment.There’s no need to worry about making a mess or cooking something that could get you […]

  • Rachel Leigh Cook: Slow Cooker Chili recipe, Jared Cook is the real deal

    Rachel Leigh, aka Jared Cook, is the man behind Jared’s favourite recipe for slow cooker chicken curry, and she’s cooking a batch of it herself for her upcoming book Slow Cookers in the Kitchen.“I wanted to try something a little bit different, so I asked Jared to come cook with me for two weeks,” Rachel […]

  • Why do you have to be on the road to cook slow cooker meats?

    FourFour Two reader comments 1) It’s very much a case of cooking to your liking.If you want something slow, you’ll have to make a plan to make that happen.But if you don’t want to get that same slow cooker sauce from the fridge and want something a bit more meaty, you can skip that part […]

  • The best egg cookers of 2018

    Eggs are one of my favorite foods and my favorite breakfast foods, so I really want to get my hands on a good egg cooker!There are so many egg cooker options available these days, and many of them are great value, but I just can’t seem to find a good one.Here are my top picks […]

  • How to make your own turkey stew in less than 15 minutes, with a friend

    The perfect turkey stew.And it’s really easy.Plus, there are tons of ways to enjoy it.Read More  And there is a delicious new recipe for a delicious and comforting Thanksgiving dinner!And if you want to have an excuse to make Thanksgiving dinner a little more indulgent, there’s a recipe for the perfect pumpkin spice turkey pie, […]

  • What happened in Jerusalem on Saturday?

    A gunman opened fire on a bus carrying Israeli tourists, killing one person and wounding nine.No one was hurt.Police said they were searching for another suspect, who fled the scene.An Israeli soldier was also wounded.Israel’s Interior Ministry identified the bus driver as David Cook, who was shot and killed after the incident.The Israeli military said […]

  • How to make slow cooker Pulled Pork for Thanksgiving 2018

    Slow cooker pulled meat and vegetables can be a great way to enjoy Thanksgiving with family, and even for those who are vegan, there’s a great amount of options to choose from.But if you’re looking to make some of the slow cooker’s most delicious meatballs, this is the recipe you’re going to want to check […]