How do we know if Donald Trump is a sociopath?

It’s been two months since Donald Trump took the oath of office.

Now, the president has the power to lock up Americans indefinitely without trial.

His lawyers are preparing a case against an innocent man in Texas who was arrested in the early hours of January 20.

But there’s another man waiting to go to jail.

Trump has made a number of bizarre statements, some of which he’s even confirmed.

But the real-estate mogul and reality television star has made his behavior on Twitter and his statements in public more erratic than he’s shown publicly.

His behavior has been far from civil.

The man awaiting his fate is a Texas man named Donald R. Smith, who was released from a Cook County Jail in October after serving five years for the killing of his wife and her unborn child.

The killing was the result of a dispute over the husband’s property.

The case was settled out of court.

Smith and his wife were in a relationship.

In the weeks before their death, Smith allegedly beat his wife, who later died, with a belt.

He later broke out a knife and stabbed her in the stomach and then slashed her with a hatchet.

Smith then drove to his home and shot himself in the head.

In court, Smith testified that he was upset about his wife’s death.

“She had a family and a job,” Smith told the court.

“They were going to die together.

She was an amazing person.”

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During his opening statement, Smith said he had a relationship with his wife when they met, but she left him.

“I never saw her again,” Smith said.

“That’s the way I see it.

I have a problem with my own life.”

Smith’s attorney, Robert McDaniel, has argued that Smith did not commit the murder of his estranged wife because of his mental illness.

He said that Smith’s behavior in court suggested that he knew he had committed the crime.

“If this is the person who killed his wife,” McDaniel said, “he should have been in jail for a long time.”

Trump’s attorney and his staff have tried to paint Smith as a liar.

McDaniel has accused the Texas law enforcement officer of lying.

But McDaniel also said that his client is not mentally ill.

McDaniel said that after Smith was arrested, he got a call from his father.

“The officer said, ‘Oh, it’s Donald Trump,'” McDaniel told reporters.

“It was a long phone call, and he said, I know Donald Trump.

I’ve known Donald Trump since he was 16.

“Donald Smith’s not a crazy person,” McDaniel said. “

McDaniel has also alleged that Smith is a “maniac.

“”Donald Smith’s not a crazy person,” McDaniel said.

He’s a monster,” Mc Daniel said.