Joy of Cooking – Rachael Cooks Best Rice Cooker

Rachabel Cooks has a passion for cooking and she has spent her career doing it.

When she is not preparing meals or entertaining guests, she spends her time working with young people in her local community.

Rach’s passion for food, however, has brought her to the UK.

She now works for the government as a special envoy for youth in rural areas and is the director of the UK’s first food service company, Joy of Food.

Joy of the food service industry is currently focused on providing high quality meals and a wide range of family-friendly, fun and engaging meals for young people and adults alike.

RACHEL COOKS’ FIRST PICKS Rachal is a food writer and cookbook author who has worked in the food industry for the last decade and is a frequent contributor to the Food Network.

Raches first book, The Joy of Making, was published in 2010 and it quickly went viral, receiving an Independent Book Award nomination for best cookbook in the UK and a Booker Prize nomination for Best Young Adult.

Rachel Cooks started working in the retail industry as a sales manager and sales manager’s assistant before embarking on her own food business.

Joy has also worked in a number of food service and restaurant roles and currently runs a catering business, catering to children and adults.

Joys focus is on providing delicious, fun, family-oriented meals that are affordable and accessible to all ages and abilities.

In 2018, Joy received the Best Young Chef Award for her work with the British Young Food Service Association.

Joy also worked with a range of brands including Tesco, Asda, Primark, Sainsbury’s and more.

She has been named to The New York Times Best Food Guide and was recently named to the list of the World’s Best Young Food Vendors.

Joy is currently looking for new talent to join her team.

RASTA HOSTING Rascal is a seasoned professional chef who has helped her career to take off in the industry.

She started out as a kitchen manager at her local local supermarket and has worked there ever since.

She’s been on the staff for over 15 years, and has been an integral part of the team since 2012.

Rascal’s passion is cooking and has spent the past 18 months travelling around the world, learning all aspects of cooking from the kitchen to the kitchenware, from preparing soups to sauces, to preparing and preparing the food.

Rascals expertise in preparing and serving food for a range a diverse range of clients, including the media, the NHS and many other organisations, has made her an extremely sought after expert and trusted member of the culinary community.

Joy, Rascas team, and the whole Rascal family will be looking to expand their culinary expertise in the coming years.

RASCALS FIRST PICNICK Rascal has been involved in food for over 25 years, including as a member of a kitchen team at the supermarket.

She began her culinary career as a pastry chef, but quickly rose through the ranks, working for some of the most prestigious chains in the world.

When the supermarkets came under pressure from competition from the fast food sector, she and her team decided to change their focus to creating tasty food for the wider community, catering for all tastes and budgets.

Rakes favourite recipe for the day, is “Crispy, Creamy and Fresh”, but she’s currently looking to branch out beyond her own restaurants and expand to other restaurants and supermarkets as well.

RACES FIRST PIPE Rascal, Joy and Rasc as well as the whole team are excited to have Rascal on board.

She will be bringing her skills to the team as an enthusiastic, enthusiastic volunteer.

Joy will be working with Rasc’s culinary team to develop and develop her recipes and create recipes for everyone.

Risa is a professional pastry chef who spent most of her career as an assistant chef, working at a variety of cafes and restaurants in London and London.

When Risa joined the team in 2016, she was immediately introduced to the amazing hospitality that was being provided by Joy of The Kitchen and she immediately became enthralled with the opportunity to work alongside such a dedicated team of people.

Joy was delighted to bring Risa to the restaurant, and her enthusiasm and passion for the business has brought Risa an extraordinary opportunity to grow the business.

The Joy Of Cooking team will be focused on building a business that will provide a wide variety of family friendly, fun meals to our customers, while also providing a healthy and affordable meal experience for our customers and staff.

Joy and her family will also be able to continue their love of cooking and cooking culture in the future.

RISA’S FIRST PICO Risa has been a member and volunteer for the Joy Of Food family since 2014.

She first came to the country from the UK to work as a cookbook writer and then as a manager of the kitchen team, serving the