Kids will have to live on a diet after federal government moves to make it more expensive

The Federal Government will introduce tougher penalties for people who don’t follow the government’s guidelines for children’s food, which it has set a target of halving by 2020.

The Federal Government has been criticised for its harsh new rules for children, which are set to be phased in from July 1, 2018.

A spokeswoman for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the changes were designed to ensure that children were given the best nutrition available.

“Food is important to all children,” she said.

It’s been argued that the tougher rules for young people will lead to more children eating more junk food and more of their favourite foods being turned into unhealthy snacks.

Food safety expert Professor Robert Viscusi said the Government’s new restrictions would mean that children are eating more unhealthy foods, which will lead them to develop more health issues.

He said there were already many young people who were consuming unhealthy foods at an alarming rate.

I think they’re going to go further into unhealthy eating habits because they’re hungry, and that means they’re not going to eat their healthy meals, Professor Viscosi said.

“If you look at kids who are eating unhealthy food, they are also going to be drinking alcohol, they’re also going into unhealthy habits like smoking, and they’re just going to get worse.”

He also said there was a correlation between the consumption of unhealthy food and weight gain.

Professor Visci said that if the Government wants to achieve its aim of halve the number of kids eating junk food by 2020, they will have their work cut out.

But the spokeswoman for Mr Turnbull said: “There is no doubt the guidelines have improved for children and they are working.

They have also taken steps to ensure children are getting the best quality nutrition, including introducing a voluntary program for young children.”

The new rules will be rolled out across the whole country and will include a range of food restrictions for children under the age of four.

Under the new guidelines, food for the next three months will have a calorie count of 500 grams or less and no more than six portions of any one item.

At the same time, the Government will have tougher restrictions on drinks.

These restrictions will include:  A maximum limit of three drinks per day, or four for kids under four.

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