Mason Cook admits he has ‘no problem’ with the racist messages in the letter from the head of the NSW Aboriginal Peoples Union (NPUA)

Mason Cook, the head honcho of the National Aboriginal Peoples Party (NP) in NSW, has admitted he has no problem with racist messages found in the Indigenous Affairs Minister’s letter to the head at the NPUA.

Mr Cook’s letter also criticises the way the NPUA has “fought tooth and nail” to prevent its members being removed from the NSW Indigenous community.

The NPUA is calling on Mr Cook to “reconsider his position and remove the letters from the organisation’s website”.

The letter was published in The Sydney Morning Herald on Friday and said Mr Cook was “underwhelmed” by the letter and “not convinced that this is a serious matter”.

The head honchos letter “troubles me to no end”, Mr Cook told The Daily Telegraph.

“The letters are a huge red flag of racial prejudice,” he said.

Mr Cook said he had not read the letter, but it did not “appeal to me”. “

It’s not good enough.”

Mr Cook said he had not read the letter, but it did not “appeal to me”.

“I’m not a racist,” he told The Telegraph.

The letter said Mr Hunt had “no confidence in Aboriginal people’s ability to run their own lives, especially in this increasingly diverse and dangerous world”.

The NPUAs leader David Young said the letter “disappointed me greatly” and that the letter was “not about the letter itself”.

“There are a lot of things that the Indigenous community are doing to address this issue,” Mr Young said.

He also criticised the way in which the letter had been handled.

“He [Mr Hunt] has a responsibility to his own community to put these matters right,” Mr Cook added.

“And to me, that’s not being honest.”

He said Mr Young was “incredibly disappointed” with the way Mr Hunt handled the letter.

“What he has done is put himself above his community,” Mr Yee said.

Mr Young told The Guardian he thought Mr Hunt’s “apparent unwillingness to do anything about these issues” was “outrageous”.

“This is an incredibly important issue for NSW,” he added.

The email also claimed the NPUs members “were told that they were not welcome in the NSW community” because they were “too violent” and “too white”.

Mr Young called for Mr Hunt to be fired.

“These letters and actions by Mr Hunt are not reflective of him, nor reflect his position as the National Party’s Aboriginal Affairs Minister,” he wrote.

“They are also deeply offensive to Aboriginal people, and have no place in our community.”

Mr Young also accused Mr Hunt of “misrepresenting the situation to the Australian public”.

“The letter was written with racist intent, and it was a calculated and deliberate attempt to delegitimise the Indigenous people of NSW,” Mr Hunt said.

Indigenous Affairs minister in NSW ‘confused’ about letter’s contents ‘I’m confused’ Mr Hunt is in charge of Indigenous Affairs in the state.

The Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development has been under fire since The Australian revealed in November that he had paid for a $3,000 hotel room in an Indigenous community in Newcastle for an event organised by the Indigenous People’s Association (IPA) of NSW.

“This was a $300 expenditure paid for by the NSW Government for the use of a private party,” he was quoted as saying by The Australian.

“To date I have not paid for any of this accommodation.”

Mr Hunt defended the expenditure in a statement to The Australian newspaper on Tuesday, saying he had been “in contact with the IPA over the past couple of weeks” about the hotel.

“As far as I am aware, this is not a political party or a political organisation,” he explained.

“We are in the position of being in the minority in the National Government.”

Mr Yaeger said it was “frightening” to see that Mr Hunt was using the letter as an opportunity to make a political point.

“You can’t have people in the Government of NSW making statements like this about Indigenous people,” Mr Naeger told The Sydney Herald.

“That’s the level of political correctness we’re living with in this country.”

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