Rachel Leigh Cook: Slow Cooker Chili recipe, Jared Cook is the real deal

Rachel Leigh, aka Jared Cook, is the man behind Jared’s favourite recipe for slow cooker chicken curry, and she’s cooking a batch of it herself for her upcoming book Slow Cookers in the Kitchen.

“I wanted to try something a little bit different, so I asked Jared to come cook with me for two weeks,” Rachel told News24 at the launch of her new book, Slow Cookes in the House.

“We’re going to try a few recipes that we’ve never done before.”

Rachel’s book will be out on November 19, 2017.

“It’s about sharing your own cooking and letting your readers share theirs,” Rachel said.

“You get to be the master of your own slow cooker.

It’s a challenge.”

Slow cooker chicken recipe Rachel Leigh and Jared Cook shared this recipe for chicken curry in an interview with News24 Rachel and Jared cook in the back garden of Jared’s new home in Westport, Queensland, where they’ve lived together for the past four years.

“This is what we did in the garden and Jared’s a little reluctant about cooking with me,” Rachel laughed.

“But we have a great relationship and Jared enjoys cooking.

We’re really lucky that he likes my slow cooker and I enjoy his.”

The Slow Cookess: A Guide to Slow Cooking In a world where fast food is on everyone’s menu, there’s no denying that slow cooker is a great way to make your favourite dish at home.

Rachel said that there are many different ways to prepare slow cooker recipes.

“Slow cooker is not just about the heat and it’s not just the ingredients,” Rachel explained.

“In fact, it’s so much more than that.

It allows you to enjoy your food and create an amazing flavour profile.”

The key to good slow cooker cooking is using a low heat setting.

“The idea is that you’re cooking in the slow cooker at low temperatures, with the lid on so that you get maximum flavour and flavour spread,” Rachel explains.

“And you can also cook it on high for more flavour and texture.”

Rachel also said that she’s learned a lot from Jared.

“He’s got such a strong palate and knows so much about slow cooker,” Rachel added.

“So, he’s been such a good help.”

Rachel has had a busy and fulfilling career.

She’s been a full-time chef for six years and her favourite job has been as a pastry chef.

“Since I left my job, I’ve been in and out of restaurants all around Queensland,” Rachel joked.

“My favourite thing about being a chef is that I get to cook for people, and I get the chance to be a part of the community.”

Rachel, who is a cookbook author and host of the show Slow Cooks in the house, says her cooking is based on her love of cooking.

“As a cook I love cooking because I can create the flavour profile that I want and then the customers love that,” Rachel shared.

“They know what they want and they can be excited by what I’m doing.”

Rachel is also a cook and a speaker, and her new slow cooker book will have all the recipes that you need to make a fantastic curry, but without the pressure.

Rachel’s Slow Cooked: A Quick and Easy Guide to Cooking in the Slow Cookery will be released on November 20, 2017 in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.

You can also find out more about the book at Rachel’s website.

Source: News24