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  • Why you should cook your pork loins in slow cooker instead of a crockpot

    Slow cookers are no longer the darling of chefs and cooks, and that’s a shame.But, if you love your pork chops and ribs, you might want to try the slow cooker.While crockpots can be more forgiving for those with health issues or who don’t like to mess with cooking equipment, slow cookers have a lot […]

  • How to Cook a Slow Cooker Recipe: A Guide to the Best Slow Cookers

    When it comes to slow cooker recipes and recipes for stovetop cooking, you are likely to hear a lot about how to cook slow cooker food in the oven, but you may not have heard of a lot of the slow cooker cooking method.This article is going to walk you through the most common slow […]

  • How to Get Your Local Cook Into Your Kitchen for Less Than $200

    Now Playing: What’s in the new Samsung Galaxy S8?Now Playing ‘How to Build a Cooler: How to Make Your Home Cooler for Less’ Now Playing How to Fix Your Windows 10 Laptop Screen with a DIY ‘Cooler’ Now The Newest Apple iPhone 7 Plus And iPhone 7s: Review Now Playing Apple unveils ‘iPhone 7’ in […]

  • Sam ‘The Cooking Guy’ to take the reins of the Redskins offense next season

    Sam ‘the Cooking Guy,’ a former Redskins offensive coordinator and current defensive coordinator, is leaving the Redskins.Sam “The Cooking Girl” is set to take over the offense and will be joined by former Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who spent the last four seasons as the offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles.Sam will take over […]

  • How to get started in cooking with the Joy of Cooking app

    When you’ve always wanted to cook something but just can’t find the time, the Joy Of Cooking app has a solution for you.The app lets you start your next recipe with a simple tap of the home button, and then just tap the green button on the top of the screen to start the recipe.That’s […]

  • How to cook ribs in the oven, Dane Cook’s illustrated report

    I don’t usually cook ribs.Not at home, anyway.The cooking process takes a lot of work, time, and effort, and I prefer not to go out and cook ribs at home.But this year I wanted to cook my own ribs, so I asked my family to help me with the preparation.I decided to make the ribs […]

  • How the world is now making bread from the ground up

    Bakers have become the world’s bread makers.But what about those of us who prefer to be left to our own devices?This is the challenge faced by our country’s new generation of artisan bread makers, who are making their own bread from scratch.The story of the revolution is told in the BBC’s “Breadmakers” series, which chronicles […]

  • How to make slow cooker ribs

    Slow cooker ribs are the perfect slow cooker dish.You can use a slow cooker or a Dutch oven to make them, or you can make them at home.Here’s how to make the perfect combination.1.Get your slow cooker readyFor the first step, make sure your slow cookers are fully preheated.When the cooker is hot, place the […]