Slow Cooker Short Ribs Slow Cooked with Sweet Potato and Cilantro, and Bacon

Slow Cookers can be a great way to cook dinner and they can be the perfect gift for a special occasion, but what do you get when you combine them with a bunch of sweet potatoes?

It’s Slow Cookin’ with Sweet Potatoes!

A quick and easy dinner to bring to your special occasion or even when you want to make a special dinner for a friend or family member.

You could even make a sweet potato pancake and freeze it and serve it over rice.

We used these simple, quick and delicious Slow Cook Potatoes to make this Slow Cooking with Sweet Pots, but you can make them with more veggies if you want.

You can also use these for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or any time you want, so there is no excuse not to make these Slow Cooks!

Sweet Potters Quick and Easy Slow Cook Recipes!

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