What to cook when it’s cold out on the lake

When it’s a cold day in Turkey, most people have a stove that they can use to heat up their kitchen while they’re out.

There are also a few simple recipes that you can do in the heat of the moment.

There’s no need to worry about making a mess or cooking something that could get you in trouble.

Read on to learn what to cook on a chilly day.


Turkish sautéed potatoes A typical Turkish sauteeer’s favorite dish is a Turkish dish that includes a sautée of potatoes, onions, and carrots.

It’s usually made with a few ingredients that aren’t very spicy, like garlic and red pepper flakes.

It comes out of a large pot, so it can be served as a side dish, or it can also be put in the center of the main dish.


Turkish potato salad A salad that’s not too spicy.

The flavor is more mild than the potato salad.


Turkish soup A dish that’s spicy but not overly so.

It can be made with turkey or chicken or pork, and can be cooked as a main dish or side dish.


Turkey curry A hearty, flavorful dish made with chicken, fish, and vegetables.

It has a great flavor and is usually served with steamed rice or a side of vegetables.


Turkey stew A stew made with rice, vegetables, and meat.

It is usually made on a slow cooker, but can be prepared on a stovetop.


Turkey soup, chicken, and vegetable stew A dish made from one of the most popular dishes of Turkey: turkey.

It includes the main ingredients of the dish (meat, vegetables and meat) as well as some spices, like cumin, onion powder, and garlic powder.


Turkish chili A spicy dish with a lot of chili sauce.

It typically comes out on a spit, so you have to add more chili sauce to it to bring it to a boil.


Turkish salad A simple salad made with potatoes, chicken or turkey.

You’ll probably want to keep the dressing and spices to a minimum, but you can use whatever ingredients you have on hand.


Turkish chicken A classic dish that uses chicken and vegetables and a lot more flavor than a saute.

The chicken is usually seasoned with salt, pepper, and spices and served with rice or steamed potatoes or a soup.


Turkey rice A hearty rice dish made using potatoes, meat, and a little bit of water.


Turkish curry A traditional curry that uses some spices and a spicy sauce.


Turkey chicken and vegetable soup A hearty soup that’s made from vegetables and chicken.

It features rice and a side with steaming potatoes or vegetables.


Turkey dish A hearty dish that has been stewed with meat and other vegetables.

This dish is often served as the main course.


Turkey chili A chili dish that can be used with other types of meats or with rice and steamed vegetables.


Turkey salad A classic salad that is a good option for those who like to add some flavor to their meals.


Turkish stew A hearty stew made from potatoes, vegetables (and some spices), and some sauce.

The sauce can be sweetened with sweetener, sugar, or honey.


Turkey spaghetti A dish often served with a spicy rice.


Turkish fish A dish with the addition of fish, like cod, salmon, and sardines.


Turkey noodle dish A noodle that is filled with fish, usually chicken or beef.

It usually comes out a little more moist than a typical dish, but it’s usually good enough to use as a filling for soup or rice.


Turkish meatballs A dish of meat that is made with meat, veggies, and rice.

It serves as a soup or a main course, but some people also like to make this dish with vegetables, like onions, celery, or carrots.


Turkish dish A dish usually made of vegetables and rice that is cooked over medium heat.

It often has a bit of extra sauce added to make it slightly spicy.


Turkish stir fry A stir fry that uses a combination of vegetables, fish and rice to add flavor and heat.


Turkey vegetable soup If you’re looking for something more flavorful, this is a soup that is usually done over low heat.


Turkish eggplant A dish where the eggplant is cooked in a broth made with broth, water, and salt.

It may have a sauce or a dressing added to it, but the end result is the same.


Turkey green salad A great salad that includes the greens of a vegetable, like spinach or collard greens, as well.

It also serves as the side dish for many dishes, but also has a strong spicy flavor.


Turkey sauce A creamy sauce that is added to the meat, vegetables or other ingredients of a dish