When Clay Pot Cooking ribs in the oven

When I heard the word “ribs,” I thought of a classic British dinner, the Ribs in the Oven, with the traditional English recipe of pork shoulder, pork chops, and gravy, but I wanted to be able to get a few extra things out of it, too.

I love the simplicity of this recipe, which requires no special equipment.

You can simply mash up the ribs, toss them in the pot, and simmer for an hour, and then throw them in your oven, making a slow-cooker style meal that tastes great.

I had a few questions about how to prepare the ribs in a clay pot, like when to roast them and how to make them a little tender, so I decided to do a quick experiment.

I went to the local meat market and picked up a couple of pounds of pork ribs, and the meat shop owner had me make them into a slow cooker.

The rib-in-the-oven recipe is very simple to prepare.

It starts with pork ribs in an oven that is at least 375 degrees Fahrenheit, but if you prefer to cook them in a slow oven, you can get away with it being about 300 degrees.

It’s about 10 minutes on each side.

After you’re done cooking, add the gravy, spices, and all the other ingredients you need to make a slow cooked meal.

The meat shop worker handed me a couple jars of hot sauce, and a little bit of sugar to help it melt in the hot pot.

You’re done!

The next step is to turn on the slow cooker and put the ribs on top of the meat in a big, circular dish.

If you like, you could do the ribs into a loaf pan, or you could even roast them on the stovetop.

The pork ribs will be juicy, tender, and just the right amount of meaty.

I actually didn’t need to add any butter at all, but you could if you liked.

I cooked the ribs for an entire hour on each sides, and I let them rest for about 10 to 12 hours, depending on the temperature of the oven.

The cooking time was about 12 hours total.

You can also use the ribs as a base for other barbecue recipes, like barbecue brisket, or make BBQ wings.

You could even put some on top for a delicious grilled chicken breast or grilled beef.

Here’s how I cooked the rib-and-bacon rib-on-beef ribs in my slow cooker:Cook the ribs with the pork broth, butter, and sugar, then add the pork and sausage and let it cook on low for about 15 minutes.

It will thicken a little as it cooks.

Remove the ribs from the pot and serve with a side of bread crumbs and chopped parsley.

The next time I make ribs, I’m planning to make something similar with beef and chicken instead of the pork.

I’m also thinking about using it as a barbecue sauce instead of a stock, but that’ll be a whole other post!