Why you should be watching the new ‘Fargo’ season, as we approach season 2

A new episode of Fargo’s new season has some things to live up to, including a murder mystery and a story about the end of the world.

The new season begins Sunday with a shocking murder that seems to be connected to the end times.

That was confirmed to ABC News by Fargo’s executive producer Joel Coen, who is working on the new season.

The episode starts out with the revelation that the murderer is a woman named Anna who has been living on the North American continent for years.

Anna’s brother, a man named Sam, is also a woman.

The two are a couple and have been married for 20 years.

Sam has two daughters, who are now grown.

In an episode of The Voice, Sam said he’d met Anna when he was a teenager, and she had told him about the man who killed her brother.

She told him she had a secret.

He told her he had one too.

The next day, Sam found out about her secret when she asked him to kill someone.

He was horrified.

He took a deep breath and decided that he would have to kill her, too.

It was the most chilling thing he had ever done, he said, and he was ready to take her to avenge her brother’s death.

He knew she was the only one who could bring it about.

But he knew the odds were against him.

He’s been working on his backstory and Anna’s story since then.

Now that Anna is alive and well, Coen is writing her out of the story, so that the world doesn’t have to.

Fargo is back for season 2.

It stars Noah Hawley, Charlie Day, John Goodman, James McAvoy, Amy Brenneman, John Slattery, Ken Jeong, Mark Harmon, John Carroll Lynch, David Cross, Emily Browning, Laura Harrier, Joel Kinnaman, Noah Emmerich, and Michael McKean.

Watch “The Voice” below:ABC News’ Andrew Kaczynski contributed to this report.

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